Project about human made made landscapes

Project about human made made landscapes

In a highly-developed society that continuously reinvents and manifests itself based on its temporary needs, landscapes are the sites of constantly shifting scenarios. I am both fascinated and irritated by this absurdity: that humanity constructs landscapes into and on top of other landscapes, leaving an image of both alienation and perfection.

Traversing such cultural landscapes, which include golf courses, I searched for the reflection of an urban society that, alienated from nature, has created its own oasis. The subtle, documentary photographs show the peripheries of this desire to realize an artificial landscape modelled on nature – in a sense, the sculpture of a society. The focus of the project was not on sociocultural communities nor on the individual. Rather, the photographs examine aesthetic parameters, spaces created within spaces, the cultural traces left behind in landscapes. The piece consists of 24 photographs, taken in 2013 at 15 different golf courses in South Africa, Scotland and Switzerland.

Serie of 12 Photographs.
Film Photography, 6x7 cm each.

Art Work

San Bernardino